Abstract NrTitleAuthor(s)Presenting Author(s)Company DepartmentCompany NameCountry
ICRF-102Recent trends and main topics affecting the forging industryDieter BokelmannDieter BokelmannTechnical ConsultantSaarschmiede GmbH Freiformschmiede,Germany
ICRF-103Physical metallurgy-based integrated manufacturing of G115 martensitic steel pipes used for 650℃ A-USC power plantsZhengdong LiuZhengdong LiuDeputy DirectorInstitute for Special Steels Central Iron and Steel Research InstituteChina
ICRF-104What is Clean Steel and Why is it Important? Exploring the Link Between Steel Manufacture, Steel Cleanliness and Component PerformancePeter GlawsPeter GlawsSenior ScientistTimkenSteel CorporationUSA
ICRF-105Ingot Casting and Forging in Germany Frank HippenstielFrank HippenstielCTO BGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbHGermany
ICRF-106Solidification Relationships between Continuous Casting and Electroslag Remelting ProcessesAlec MitchellAlec MitchellProfessor EmeritusUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
ICRF-107The effect of the natural convection on the solidification of ingotsHans FredrikssonHans FredrikssonProfessor Emeritus KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySweden
ICRF-109Application of alternative methods of the crystallization process organizing to produce ingots to be used for further manufacturing of hollow forgings.Oleg IgnatovOleg IgnatovIzhmetmashRussia
ICRF-110Pass-schedule calculation with integrated prediction of equivalent strain and microstructureMartin WolfgartenMartin WolfgartenInstitute of Metal FormingRWTH Aachen UniversityGermany
ICRF-111Investigations of different processing routes for bainitic forging steelsGernot Eggbauer, Bruno BuchmayrBruno BuchmayrDept. Product EngineeringMontanuniversitaet LeobenAustria
ICRF-113Optimization of casting technology, chemical composition, and ingot geometry of a 20 tones 42crmo4 ingot to minimize macrosegregation and increase material homogeneityOvidiu BogdanOvidiu BogdanIndustrial SoftCanada
ICRF-114Comperative study of microstructural evolution and flow behaviour of columnar and correlative equiaxed grain structurs of austenite after hot compressionMunir Al-SaadiMunir Al-SaadiProduct development-Metallurgy at R&D Sandviken, SwedenSandvik Materials TechnologySweden
ICRF-115A review of developments in the ingot casting process with focus on mould powderCarl-Åke DäckerCarl-Åke DäckerSwerea KIMAB ABSweden
ICRF-121Numerical simulation of temperature field and microstructure in the electroslag remelting process of m42 high-speed steelsWanming Li, Yifeng GENG, Ximin ZANG, Xin DENG, Zhijun HE, Zhouhua JIANGWanming LiSchool of Material and MetallurgyUniversity of Science and Technology LiaoningChina
ICRF-123Effect of cooling rate on nb(c, n) formation in high-cr heat-resistant steel.Shintaro Yano, Shigeru Suzuki, Koji KajikawaShintaro YanoMuroran reserch laboratoryJapan Steel WorksJapan
ICRF-124Contribution to the simulation of hot rolling process with an innovative steady state formulationAntoine NAVARRO, Etienne PERCHAT, Stephane ANDRIETTIAntoine NavarroTransvalorFrance
ICRF-126Multiple perspectives description on hot deformation behavior of an as-cast fe-mn-al-c steelXuan Li, Renbo Song, Jiajia Li, Naipeng Zhou, Feng Gao, Guoyu DouXuan LiSchool of Materials Science and EngineeringUniversity of Science and Technology BeijingChina
ICRF-128Hydrogen control of large bottom poured forging ingots at ellwood quality steelsBjörn Gabrielsson, Kelly Stewart, Brendan ConnollyBjörn GabrielssonMetallurgyEllwood Quality SteelsUnited States
ICRF-129Autonomous engineering to improve ingot qualityIngo Hahn, Erik Hepp, Jakob FainbergIngo HahnMAGMA Gießereitechnologie GmbHGermany
ICRF-130True solidification grain size in industrial 100cr6 ingotMarvin Gennesson, Julien Zollinger, Bernard Rouat, Hervé Combeau, Dominique Daloz, Joëlle Demurger, Delphine PoirierMarvin GennessonProcess engineeringAscométal / IJLFrance
ICRF-131about possible problem with esr of heavy forging ingotArtem Sybir, Ganna Stovpchenko, Lev MedovarArtem SybirE.O. Paton Welding INstituteUkraine
ICRF-132Electroslag remelting - additive technology for large part buildingGanna Stovpchenko , Artem Sybir, Ganna Poloshko, Lev MedovarGanna Polishko  E.O. Paton Welding INstituteUkraine
ICRF-134Liberty steel (formerly tata steel specialty steels) produces ultra-clean specialty steels with vim x-eed® unit from sms mevac gmbh / sms groupCihangir Demirci, Frank Dorstewitz, Ros El-Rabati, David Robinson, Jochen Schlüter, Dieter TembergenCihangir DemirciTertiary MetallurgySMS Mevac GmbHGermany
ICRF-136Research and development of water-cooled casting technology for over-thick ingot blanks of offshore platform rack plateYan Liu, JIanning Cao, Mingshan GengYan LiuResearch InstituteCapital Engineering & Research Incorporation LimitedChina
ICRF-138Importance of the cleanliness of the consumable electrode in esr/pesr remeltingEwa Sjöqvist Persson, Alec Mitchell, Pär JönssonEwa Sjöqvist PerssonProcess DeveloopmentUddeholms ABSweden
ICRF-139Knowledge management and modern teaching tools for rolling and forgingBruno Buchmayr, Michael DegnerBruno BuchmayrDept. Product EngineeringMontanuniversitaet LeobenAustria
ICRF-143Simulation and experiment research on macro-segregation of 6-ton ingot castingFu Paixian, Cao YanfeiFu PaixianInstitute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesChina
ICRF-145Numerical simulation of the vacuum arc remelting processMoritz Eickhoff, Antje Rückert, Herbert Pfeifer, Jürgen Tewes, Thorsten Hoffmann, Jutta KlöwerMoritz EickhoffDepartment for Industrial Furnaces and Heat EngineeringRWTH Aachen UniversityGermany
ICRF-146Dimensioning of a new ingot type using simulation with a 3d thermo-mechanical fluid/structure numerical modelOlivier Jaouen, J Demurger, D Poirier, M StoltzOlivier JaouenTransvalor. S.AFrance
ICRF-149Microstructure coupling of meshless hot rolling simulationUmut Hanoglu, Božidar Šarler, Umut HanogluLaboratory for simulation of materials and processesInstitute of Metals and TechnologySlovenia
ICRF-152How laser based element analysis increases yield and ensures process control in times of industry 4.0 and global steel productionAlexander SchlemmingerAlexander SchlemmingerSales and ApplicationSECOPTA analytics GmbHGermany
ICRF-153Influence of mns inclusions and microstructures on the transverse mechanical properties of a free-cutting non-quenched and tempered steel for crankshaftMeng Wu, Yazheng Liu, Xueping Ren, Bo Jiang, Fan Zhao, Chaolei ZhangMeng WuUniversity of Science and Technology BeijingChina
ICRF-154Energy savings and maintenance friendliness in special machinery for open die forging plantsStefan KruschStefan KruschSales DirectorDango & DienenthalGermany
ICRF-159Study of argon shrouding in ingot casting of steel with focus on improving the production operationFatemeh Shahbazian, Chunhui LuoFatemeh ShahbazianProcess DevelopementSwerea\KimabSweden
ICRF-166Inclusion evolution and mechanical properties of ultra-low oxygen 4cr5mosiv1 die steel with pure rare earth additionHanghang Liu, Paixian Fu, Hongwei Liu, Dianzhong LiHanghang LiuInstitute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences;China
ICRF-170The effect of different heat treatment on the stability of retained austenite of martensitic stainless steelXin Cai, Xiaoqiang Hu, Dianzhong Li, Xiuhong KangXin CaiInstitute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of SciencesChina
ICRF-171Optimization of runner systems to improve quality of ingotsFrank Hippenstiel, Robert Hellermann, Klaus-Gudio Ruwier, Johannes KlodtFrank HippenstielTechnikBGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbHGermany
ICRF-173Influence of casting temperature on the microstructure of aisi m42 high speed steelKerstin Baumgartner, Christian Bernhard, Andreas Pfeiffer, Martin HafokKerstin BaumgartnerChair of Ferrous MetallurgyMontanuniversität LeobenAustria
ICRF-175A review of modern literature concerning macrosegregation in ingot castingCarl-Åke DäckerCarl-Åke DäckerSwerea KIMAB ABSweden
ICRF-177Latest development in forging equipmentPelster Hans, Nieschwitz PaulNieschwitz PaulTechnologySMS groupGermany
ICRF-178Optimal fluxes and hot top insulations for ingot casting of special steelsMichael Richter , Alexander Kovalev, Tobias DubbersteinMichael RichterProcess TechnologySchmiedewerke Gröditz GmbHGermany
ICRF-179Development and application of an advanced ingot casting rate controlleChristian Redl, Ronald Ofner, Thomas StuhlhoferChristian Redl INTECO melting and casting technologies GmbHAustria
ICRF-185Segment casting: a novel casting technology enters the market – an overview on plant design and first practical resultsChristian Redl, Matthias Knabl, Klaus von Eynatten, Oleksii Novokshonov, Harald HolzgruberMatthias KnablINTECO melting and casting technologies GmbHAustria
ICRF-186Demands on material for the aircraft and aerospace industry – operational experiences and attainable quality of material using the vim, esr and var processChristian Redl, Michael Kubin, Stefan Ressi, Alexander Scheriau, Harald HolzgruberMichael KubinINTECO melting and casting technologies GmbHAustria
ICRF-188Enhancing the electroslag remelting process: first impressions and results regarding the application of a new current transfer device and electrode control movement.Martin Schwenk, Bernd Friedrich, Cihangir Demirci, Ros El-Rabati, David Robinson, Jochen SchlüterMartin SchwenkInstitute for Process Metallurgy and Metal Recycling, RWTH AachenGermany
ICRF-189Generation of low oxygen ti-al-v-alloys from oxidic raw materials via aluminothermic reduction (atr) and subsequent refining via electroslag remelting (esr) and vacuum arc remelting (var).Martin Schwenk, Bernd Friedrich, Jörg Hammerschmidt, Jan-Christoph Stoephasius, Siran Hassan-Pour, Peter Spieß, Christoph VondersteinFrederic BrinkmannInstitute for Process Metallurgy and Metal Recycling, RWTH AachenGermany
ICRF-190Process integration of a new 20mn forging press at bgh edelstahl freitalAlexander GrosseAlexander GrosseManagementBGH Edelstahl Freital GmbHGermany
ICRF-192Synthetic granulated ingot casting powders.Marco Alloni, Simone Casagrande, Riccardo Carli, Wilhelm HuebschMarco AlloniResearch % developmentProsimet S.p.A.Italy
ICRF-194Optimization of blank weights in forging linesMichael SieglJohann WolfschwengerSweden
ICRF-195Plant trials with a new mould powder and mould powder board at sandvik and uddeholm abBjörn Seimar, Mikael Svensson, Fatemeh ShahbazianJan Haraldsson Sweden
ICRF-196The startup of Frisa Steel in Mexico, bottom pour ingots and specialty steelsJosé Alberto Vazques MonroyJosé Alberto Vazques MonroyMexico
ICRF-197Entrainment and detrainment for clean steelsJohn CampbellJohn CampbellDepartment of Metallurgy and MaterialsThe University of BirminghamUnited Kingdom
ICRF-198Global Macrosegregation Formation and Control in Bearing SteelDianzhong Li, Yanfei Cao, Paixian Fu and Hongwei LiuDianzhong Li, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal ResearchChinese Academy of SciencesChina
ICRF-200A novel technology to produce homogenized steel by forging solidifying metal Yanfei Cao, Dianzhong Li, Paixian Fu, Hongwei Liu and Mingyue SunYanfei CaoShenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal ResearchChinese Academy of SciencesChina
ICRF-201Highly effective hydro mechanical surface treatment for high end quality steel Jürgen Gaydoul, Anders LindströmJürgen GaydouHERMETIK Hydraulik ABSweden
ICRF-202A comparison between segregation and carbides precipitation in the A-segregate channels and in the bulk matrix in an ingot cast bearing steel and an analysis of the effect of the soaking time on the dissolution of the carbidesFareed Ashraf KhanFareed Ashraf KhanDivision of Processes, Department of Materials Science and Engineering,KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Sweden
ICRF-203Automated Evaluation of Microstructure in Duplex Stainless SteelClaes Olsson Claes Olsson Sandvik Materials TechnologySandvik Sweden