Call for abstracts - oral presentations

We invite submission of abstracts for oral presentations related to the topics of the main program of the 3rd Ingot Casting, Rolling and Forging Conference, ICRF 2018. The presentations will be presented during parallel sessions.


Please note that all oral presenters must be registered as an ICRF participant.

New deadline for abstract submission:
Sunday, February 18, 2018! Abstracts may only be submitted online.

Abstract guidelines:

Before you submit your abstract, please make sure that you have access to the following information in order to complete the submission properly:

- Your name, e-mail address, correct name of your affiliation
- Name, e-mail address, correct name of affiliation for co-author(s) if any
- Abstract title: Maximum 200 characters (including blanks)
- Abstract text: Maximum 2 000 characters (including blanks and references)
System will automatically count and limit the number of characters.
- The structure of the abstract is suggested as below – the headlines will automatically be inserted in the text. A. Introduction/Background B. Objective(s)/Method(s) C. Result(s) D. Conclusion(s).
Subheadings are a drafting structure that may be used where applicable.
Please write “n/a” in the fields that you do not wish to use.
- References: References are not mandatory. They will be included in the overall count of maximum 2 000 characters.
- Table(s): No tables are allowed.
- Image: No images are allowed.
- Topics:
-- Metallurgy of ingot casting
-- Ingots and moulds
-- Casting technology
-- Additives for ingot casting
-- Remelting technologies
-- Rolling and forging of ingots
-- Heat treatment
-- Measurement and testing
-- Production scheduling
-- Environment, energy, emissions
-- Simulation
- Presentation method: Oral presentations only.