Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bokelmann


Technical Consultant

Saarschmiede GmbH Freiformschmiede, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bokelmann has a longtime experience in manufacturing of heavy open die forgings since 1981, he is an inventor of the VSG-Procedure for manufacturing of heavy continous grain monoblock-crankshafts without intermediate cooling (Patent DE4222748C2-1994). He is a specialist for sound forging and complex-3D-forging. Dr.- Ing. Dieter Bokelmann obtained his title in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University TU Hannover Germany.


Presentation title: Recent trends and main topics affecting the forging industry.


Z.D.LIU, Ph.D., Professor

speaker ICRF

Deputy Director, Institute for Special Steels

Central Iron and Steel Research Institute

Professor Z.D.Liu obtained his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia and serves the deputy director of Special Steel Institution of Central Iron and Steel Research Institute since 2002. He is academic leader on the research and development of heat resistant materials used for ultra-super-critical coal fired power plants in china and he also is the member of expert committee of National Nuclear Safety Administration of China since 2004.

Presentation title: Physical metallurgy-based integrated manufacturing of G115 martensitic steel pipes used for 650℃ A-USC power plants.

Dr Peter Glaws

speaker ICRF

Senior Scientist

TimkenSteel Corporation, USA

Peter has a PhD degree in Materials Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg Pennsylvania (USA). He has got more than 30 years of experience from different Senior Technical Positions within the Timken Corporation. His work focus has been on manufacture of clean steels, inclusion population characterization and the effect of inclusions on fatigue performance in bearings and other components.

Presentation title: What is Clean Steel and Why is it Important? Exploring the Link Between Steel Manufacture, Steel Cleanliness and Component Performance.