Discover Stockholm

Welcome to Stockholm, one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city centers, the city is stunningly located by the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is a city of contrasts. Trends in music, design, fashion, and technology was born here, and innovations that spread worldwide were invented here. Stockholm also has a rich history comprising gorgeous architecture, museums, the Royal Palace and the medieval urban core of Gamla Stan. Trendy bars and world-class restaurants lie shoulder-to-shoulder with historic cafés and cozy neighborhood pubs. This is a city of modern galleries and exclusive department stores, as well as small boutiques and unique shops.

Stockholm is simultaneously urban and close to nature; water is an ever-present feature in this city where lake and sea meet. Over 30% of the city area is made up of waterways and another 30% is made up of parks and green spaces. Parks and green areas abound, and the distinctive white archipelago boats travel to the islands all year round. The atmosphere is open, tolerant and welcoming, and diversity and innovation are encouraged. Stockholm is a city for everyone.

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Eat & Drink

Modern concept restaurants, innovative food, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Stockholm is the home of a few of the world’s best, most creative chefs. Several of them are presently or used to be on the Swedish Culinary Team, which has garnered major successes including two Olympic golds and two World Championship golds as their leading merits.
Obviously, there are plenty of less extravagant but just as recommendable eateries to choose from in Stockholm. You’ll find some of them below.

eat and drink


The F12 Group’s fast food chain, with restaurants in central Stockholm. Serves well-prepared hamburgers and tasty sides at a fabulous price in a great setting. Main dishes from SEK 70 (EUR 7).

Address: Norrlandsgatan 13
Tel: +46 8 505 244 66


Five restaurants in different neighborhoods, including Gamla Stan. Italian dishes prepared in an open kitchen. Quick and easy, “à la minute”. Main dishes from SEK 80 (EUR 8).


The Nordic region’s first Jamie’s Italian, a successful concept by Jamie Oliver, at Hotel Scandic Anglais. Italian classics and modern dishes. A cozy environment that everyonewill enjoy. Main dishes from SEK 119 (EUR 12).

Address: Humlegårdsg. 23
Tel: +46 8 517 34 020


Gastrologik’s smaller restaurant, offering luxurious and affordable taste experiences. Drop-in only. Main courses from around SEK 135 (EUR 13).

Address: Artillerigatan 14
Tel: +46 8 662 30 60


Foodwise Sweden is closely associated to the dish meatballs but has a lot more to offer. At Restaurant Tranan located in Vasastan, a typical Swedish restaurant visited by plenty of regulars, you can find top notch traditional Swedish food such as Fried Baltic herring, Biff Rydberg and Wallenbergare. Ambitious cuisine without snobbery! Main dishes from SEK 160 (EUR 16).

Address: Karlbergsvägen 14
Tel: +46 8 52728100


Proper pub grub at two-star Frantzén’s gastropub in Gamla Stan. Main dishes from SEK 180 (EUR 17).

Address: Mälartorget 15
Tel: +46 8 20 85 83


The bar at Pontus is just like a paperback book: a simpler cover, lower price, and outstanding contents. Main dishes from SEK 165 (EUR 16).

Address: Norrlandsgatan 31
Tel: +46 8 510 25 400


An archipelago feel in the middle of the city, all year long on Skeppsholmen. Swedish and French flavors. Main dishes from SEK 225 (EUR 22).

Address: Slupskjulsvägen 28
Tel: +46 8 611 41 00


A popular organic vegetarian buffet offering a gorgeous view of Stockholm. Buffet from SEK 175 (EUR 17).

Address: Fjällgatan 23B
Tel: +46 8 643 94 80